Statement from the Chairman

Telling has a dream.

We hope to join the efforts of all Telling employees to "serve the country through our industry", "make connection and business easier", and grow our company into a "leader among industrial internet service platforms" as well as a "reliable and respected" enterprise.

Over the last 30-plus years, the Chinese economy witnessed an impressive speed of development, while the global economy experienced constant change. Looking back at Telling’s history and development, we survived frustrations and challenges and also experienced success and glory. This is attributable not only to the macro-environment of China's reform and opening up, but also to our constant learning through practice. The most important thing is that we forge ahead, sticking to our original intention. The dream we had at the time of Telling's establishment was to achieve great success through building channels as our ace card. With the continuous development of the internet and industrial transformations, Telling is also confronted with new challenges. After achieving the dream from 20 years ago, Telling retains its original intention and now has new dreams, namely to build "one platform for one network", make great efforts to construct online platforms based on the offline network, establish the 1+N business layout and become a "leader among industrial internet service platforms".

Dreams give us wings to fly, but dreams can never be achieved in a single day. Instead, realizing our dreams may require the continuous endeavour of generations of Telling employees. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that as long as we unite as one, keep our efforts steadily grounded, have the courage to change, and remain driven by both industrial and capital operations, we will continuously create new prospects, focus on and strengthen our core business and strengthen resource integration, thus achieving growth in coordination with our existing businesses.

Along the journey of achieving Telling’s dreams, we hope to create a stage for all employees to fully showcase their talents and work with Telling to forge ahead while maintaining our original intention, achieve our dreams guided by firm beliefs, and make our due contributions to the development of the Chinese economy and society.

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