Other Industries

Liquor sales business is a traditional business of Telling Holding. The revenues of this business was 300 million yuan in 2014, taking up 0.87% of the whole revenues of Telling Holding.

3strategies and1target

The first strategy is to speed up the adjustment of product structure to make it catering to the market consumption demands and to actively promote the R&D of new products like wholesome navel orange wine and special liquor.
The second strategy is to take active measures to reform channels and enhance the controlling ability of channels and terminals.
The third strategy is to strengthen organization construction and comprehensively improve the executive force of the teams to ensure constant sound development of the liquor business.
Based on the facts of the liquor business under weak recovery period, the Company conducts comprehensively planned operation and management by virtue of internet ideology and means, strategically adjusts the market, channel, product structure and organization, takes market stabilization measures centering on the main line of “destocking, stabilizing price and creating atmosphere” to raise up the confidence of distributors.

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