Leading in Industry Layout, Constructing "One Platform for One Network", Forming the Strategic Direction of the "1+N" Business Model, and Marching Forward to Become a Leader among the Industrial Internet Service Platforms

With 20 years of development, the Company's mobile phone distribution business now has rich channel resources and comprehensive industrial integration capacity.

The Company is committed to building the largest one-stop comprehensive service network for the mobile phone industry and forming an industry sharing platform with the opportunities of expanding channels into lower-tier markets and new retail formats.
The Company has set up 25 branches. More than 100 offices are managed through more than 500 grids, enabling the Company’s business to cover more than 330 cities, 1,800 counties and 80,000 stores, thus allowing it to directly serve more than 20,000 customers.
In terms of channels, the Company has established an intelligent product marketing network in China with wide coverage, high efficiency and low cost.
In terms of integration, the Company plays an increasingly important role in coordinating and integrating the information flow, goods flow, capital flow and other resources of the intelligent terminal marketing industry through distribution, retail and after-sales services so as to create effective linkages and highly efficient flows.
On the basis of its "one platform for one network" strategy, the Company actively opens up online and offline channel resources, steadily promotes the new retail development strategy, continuously improves the new retail service system, promotes offline retailers, and provides a series of value-added services and technical support.
In foreign countries, the Company makes full use of the advantages of its distribution capabilities, accumulated over many years, to provide customers with support in capital flow, logistics, information flow, etc.

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