Mobile Internet Business Embraces Leading Technology, Rich Products and Notable Synergetic Effect

The Company will aggregate products and services driven by the browser to build a mobile internet platform, make innovative development in reading and other businesses, turn customers to users and comprehensively expand the mobile internet businesses.

4million accumulative users; content teams of2000members;top50application awards;90%traffic saved

Opera Browser --a frequent prize winner both home and abroad, having accumulated nearly 400 million users and owning leading-edge technology in the industry covering almost all platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

Opera Liuliangbao--a brand new Aurora compression engine saving up to 90% traffic. It is compatible with 99% APPs to save traffic and has established close cooperative relationship with first-rank manufacturers. It is the winner of Top 50 Application Award in the 2015 GMIC.

Tadu Literatures- a creation, gathering and distribution platform for Chinese mainstream digital copyrights. It integrates APP+PC+WAP to attract over 300 million users with 4 million daily active users, more than 250,000 volumes of book stock and 2,000 plus authors. It has won many awards in the industry and is a standing director unit of the Publishers Association of China.

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